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"You’re in a futzing supercar while I drive this old junk. GREAT.

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Regina Mills + outfits parallels (2/?)
 1x11 // 2x10

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For me, his greatest power has always been that he can reach out to other people, feel their pain, and help them move on. But in this movie, Charles is left more than just physically crippled, he’s emotionally vulnerable and closes down. 

-James McAvoy

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best of marvel butts (9/10) → steve rogers

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and the times we had, eh? in your dreams they’ll still be there.

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Imagine the glorious moment when we get to Marathon all the Hobbit movies  


and then LOTR right after



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mats + that amazing beautiful smile

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I couldn’t resist the urge any longer and made a Bucky Captain America manip.


I couldn’t resist the urge any longer and made a Bucky Captain America manip.

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FAVORITE TV SHOWS LIST: [3/?] – Sherlock.

We solve crimes. I blog about it, he forget his pants. I wouldn’t hold out so much hope.

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in life, the monsters uᴉʍ 
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We’re coming with you. That was decided months ago- years, really.

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if you bring a dog near me i’m sorry but i will pet it and talk to it like it’s a child and probably want to take it home

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mcu meme; 8 characters: Sif [4/8]

- And who proved wrong all who scoffed at the idea that a young maiden could be one of the fiercest warriors this realm has ever known?
- I did.

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